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Taylor McKnight

1321 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taylor McKnight 1321 days ago
Taylor M
  • Telecom Square
  • ~$16/day for 75mbps + delivery to hotel available
  • Airport desk hours close at 11pm
  • I went with this one bc the GAC's pucks were all rented out :/ 
There's wifi everywhere but almost all are paid services that require registration. A lot of the free hotspots email you a code to login. That doesn't help if you don't have internet to start with (in  jp like all phones have email so i guess it makes sense, but it's still  terrible)... JR stations have actual free wifi as does FreeSpot (very rare around town). Starbucks wi2 is free w/ registration (pre-register here: http://starbucks.wi2.co.jp/sp/sma_index_en.html )

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