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649 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Leonard Lin 649 days ago
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831 days ago
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  • Summary
For those interested in, after 15 years, why I'm moving off of Mac/OS X. Basically:
  • I've consistently gotten mediocre battery life on my MBAs. Lack of battery options (I briefly carried around a HyperJuice but it sucked), seemingly ever-worsening performance, and more rigorous travel has made this untenable
  • OS X is out of control. Random daemons chew through CPU and networking w/o any way for me to effectively stop it
  • I have time and motivation to invest in fully customizing my work environment (yak shaving, lots of yak shaving)
934 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Leonard Lin 934 days ago
This year will be the first time in almost 15 years where a Mac will not be my primary computer.

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